Why sleep on a Hästens?

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How would your life change if you slept on a Hästens?  

Hästens beds have been handmade in Sweden since 1852, so they’ve had a lot of time to figure out how to make a good bed.  It’s a sixth generation family business, with traditional handcrafting techniques being passed down from generation to generation.  During our visit to their factory in Köping, we got to meet many of the men and women who build these beds.  It was heartwarming to see the joy and pride they take in building the best beds possible.  They know their work will enrich the quality of sleep and quality of life of their customers.

With a price range from 9995 to 40395 for a king bed set, Hästens beds are a big investment.  Imagine improving both the quality and quantity of your sleep, how much would that be worth to you?   Think about how you feel after a great night’s sleep (versus a bad night’s sleep).  Now think about how your life would change if you were able to get that great night of sleep not just every once in a while, but on a regular, consistent basis.  How would that improve your productivity and success at work, how would that affect your moods and relationships with your friends, family and significant other?  How would that affect your health and general well-being?   While there are many factors that will influence your quality of sleep, a good mattress is the foundational element.

Here’s a glance at what goes inside a Hästens bed, this information is for their continental bed Auroria.  To read more, please visit our Hästens page.


  1. Bolster fabric (100% cotton) jacquard
  2. Pure cotton & wool mix
  3. Genuine horsetail hair
  4. Pure cotton & wool mix
  5. Genuine horsetail hair
  6. Pure cotton & wool mix
  7. Bolster fabric (100% cotton) jacquard


  1. Bolster fabric, partly upholstered in cotton stretch fabric
  2. Pure cotton & wool mix
  3. Genuine horsehair (Hästens unique horsehair + cattle hair mix)
  4. Pure cotton & wool mix
  5. Pocket spring system, 15 cm high, individually sprung with firmer springs around the edges and reinforced corner springs. Flax corner padding.
  6. Pure cotton & wool mix
  7. Genuine horsehair
  8. Pure cotton & wool mix
  9. Bolster fabric, partly upholstered in cotton stretch fabric


  1. Bolster fabric (100% cotton) jacquard
  2. Pure cotton & wool mix
  3. Natural flax
  4. Hästens bonnell spiral spring system, 13 cm high, with firmer edge springs and flax corner padding
  5. Flax
  6. 9,2 cm high solid Swedish pine frame with finger joints. Cotton under lining which prevents dust from entering the bed from below and makes the underside of the bed easy to vacuum.


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