Spotlight on Spink & Edgar

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Spink & Edgar is a fascinating bedmaker. Their award-winning mattresses begin their life in
Yorkshire and are made right here in Phoenix. So, what makes this company so unique and

In 1885, bedmaker Arthur Spink teamed up with salesman John Edgar to start a bedmaking
business. We’ll do the math for you—they’ve been around for over 130 years.

Home Grown Wool
Spink & Edgar uses only natural, sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable fillings. Why and how
do they do this? They’re dedicated to consistent quality and reducing their environmental impact
by being the only bedmakers in the entire world to have their own farm, located in Yorkshire,
England. They have their own flock of sheep, ranging from Zwartble, Mule, Texel, to Suffolk.

The Experts in Beds
Choosing sheep over synthetic means the wool is naturally soft, springy and supportive. Sheep’s
wool also has anti-bacterial qualities and regulates the body’s temperature. The farm grows their
own hemp and flax, too. Spink & Edgar knows that every wool combination creates a different

Queen’s Stamp of Approval
Yes, you read that correctly. Spink & Edgar is recognized by the Queen of England. In 2013,
they won the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Sustainable Development and Enterprise

Local Luxury
What brought these lovely Brits to Arizona? They decided to partner with Sherwood Bedding
which has a factory in Phoenix. The wool of their mattresses starts their journey in England, but
are manufactured here in the U.S.

Nature Meets Technology
Arthur Spink himself promised he’d never compromise on quality and make a bed he wouldn’t
sleep on. This company has managed to hold onto his original values while remaining
innovative. Every bed is created from natural materials and incorporates advanced sleep

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