Natural Mattresses

Made by Berkeley Ergonomics in California, Open natural mattresses use the highest level of natural materials such as natural Talalay latex foam, organic stretch-cotton covers, Plein Air Wool®, and independent, flexible steel coils.

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Truth Mattress

The Open Truth mattress cushions your body with natural, breathable materials for a drier, more rejuvenating sleep.  It features over 1,100 interactive, bi-level flexible steel base coils that help eliminate bounce and motion transfer. Alternating these nested tall and short coils gives the taller coils an impressive range of flex for improved contour and pressure reduction.


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The Mattress Protector by Open provides natural, breathable protection for your mattress while preserving the feel and performance of its surface.  It is specially designed to provide efficient pressure point relief, reduced surface tension, bunching and shifting for a deeper and more restorative sleep.

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