Simply the healthiest, most comfortable beds you will find in the world. Because when you sleep well, your whole world changes…

Scottsdale Bedrooms is Arizona’s premier luxury mattress store featuring an amazing collection of the world’s best mattresses.  Our store is a family business and helping customers sleep is our passion.  We have searched to find the best luxury mattresses and natural mattresses available:  Vispring and Harrison Spinks from England & Aireloom from California. We also have a nice selection of natural, luxurious pillows made from down & feather.  Come and experience a beautiful, relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere where you can enjoy trying the pillows and mattresses!

You are welcome to stop by anytime.  We look forward to seeing you!

Hours:  Mon. thru Sat., 10 am to 5 pm

Location: Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd & 82nd St

“We didn’t realize how much a good night’s sleep depended on our mattress until we went to Scottsdale Bedrooms. The professionalism, the service and their personal touch made choosing a mattress easy. We no longer wake up sore in the morning, in fact we don’t want to get out of bed! Thank you Kay and Travis, for taking the time to educate and help us choose the perfect mattress for us!”

– John & Angela in Scottsdale

Quality That Counts


The bed is amazing. I slept a full 8 hours last night for the first time in about two years. I was so happy when I woke and it was light. I really love the bed. Dr. B

Kay, the bed is unbelievable. It's everything we hoped for and more. We get such a long sleep now - it's like dying and going to heaven! Mrs. E

Kay, Phil, & Travis, We just love the bed! My back and hip did not bother me during the night or upon rising! Thank you ever so much for a beautiful night's rest! Mr. & Mrs. P

Thanks for the reminder note/instructions for our fabulous mattress! We love it more each night!! Last week we were traveling and couldn't wait to return to our bed. No mattress offers a better night's rest. Mr. & Mrs. E

Dear Kay, Thank you so much for everything. We're loving our Vispring bed, it really takes the pressure off of the joints and promotes a sound night's rest. It has been a pleasure meeting you, Phil and Travis. Your patience, kindness, knowledge and hospitality made us feel comfortable throughout the purchasing process. Again, thank you for going the extra mile. We are absolutely delighted with the quality, comfort and appearance of our Vispring bed. Mr. & Mrs. J

...we flipped the mattress yesterday and have loved every night on it since it arrived. I have to tell you, now we don't enjoy traveling as much because the bed isn't nearly as comfortable as our Vispring! No more aches and pains in the morning. It truly is worth the investment. … five months later: The mattress is still an absolute dream. We really love it. I am so happy we bought it when we did. Mr. & Mrs. G

My wife and I want to thank you for introducing us to the Vi-Spring mattress line. Our Masterpiece mattress has exceeded our high expectations in both quality of construction and comfort. We have been staying at our summer vacation home, where we have a high quality mattress from a named manufacturer and after a week of sleeping on it longed for our return home to our Vi-Spring mattress! Thanks again for introducing us to the Vi-Spring! Mr. & Mrs. H

The Vi-Spring bed that you suggested and we bought is the perfect bed. It makes all the difference in the world when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. What I like best is the split mattress model where you can have different firmnesses on the same bed. Now I can sleep on a soft mattress while my husband can sleep on a firm one, and we are all happy. Mrs. W

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