Scottsdale Bedrooms features Arizona’s largest selection of Vispring beds, handmade in England since 1901.  For over a hundred years, craftsmen & women have been passing down their skills from generation to generation. Wool, cotton, horsetail, cashmere and silk are some of the luxurious natural materials inside a Vispring mattress. And, of course, thousands of their signature six-turn springs.

Our store has been a family business for 27 years and this year we celebrate the 13th anniversary of our relationship with Vispring. You are welcome to stop by anytime to experience these amazing beds.  Appointments are recommended but not required.  We look forward to seeing you!

Location: Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd & 82nd St

The heart of a Vispring


Vispring’s six turn springs form the heart of each mattress, in either a single, double or triple layer. Each spring is individually pocketed under compression in calico cotton, to provide resilient support the instant your body touches the mattress. The springs are hand nested in a honeycomb pattern that creates a dense formation of thousands of springs, cradling your body without pressure.  The finest natural fibers, selected from real Shetland fleece wool, horsetail, cashmere, mohair, bamboo and silk are uniquely responsive, resilient and soft. They regulate temperature, repel allergens and allow for the flow of air through the mattress, for ultimate comfort.




Vispring mattress craftsmanship images

Creating a Vispring mattress is a labor of love by master craftsmen & women who have trained for years to perfect their craft. These skilled craftsmen put together a unique combination of spring tension and mattress filling to create your one of a kind bed. Each mattress is covered with finest quality damask and side-stitched by hand to provide supportive strength to the mattress edges. The final step consists of standing the mattress up on end for hand-tufting with a long needle, thread and tufts.


From left to right:  cashmere, cotton, horsetail, mohair, silk & wool

Vispring mattress natural fillings


Bed Choices


A single layer of pocketed springs combined with layers of wool, including platinum certified British wool from Devonshire, gives this Vispring bed a very comfortable and supportive feel.

Learn more on Vispring website

Regal Superb

A carefully judged blend of horsetail and British fleece wool provides the perfect balance of springiness, softness and support, underpinned by Vispring’s unique six-coil pocketed springs.

Learn more on Vispring website

Tiara Superb

At the heart of this superb bed are two layers of Vispring four-coil springs, deeply upholstered with long-stranded South American horsetail, real Shetland Isle fleece wool and cotton. Naturally, exquisitely comfortable.

Learn more on Vispring website

Sublime Superb

The finest natural fillings – real Shetland Isle and British fleece wool, horsetail, silk and mohair – provide the softest covering for thousands of Vispring’s unique springs, hand-laid in a double layer for definitive comfort and support.

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Cashmere Superb

Rich amounts of luxurious cashmere provide ultimate softness and support.  Combine this with Shetland wool, Moosburger horsehair, cotton, silk, and two layers of pocketed springs to create a superior sleep surface.

Learn more on Vispring website

Signatory Superb

The Signatory’s blend of the finest natural fibres envelops the body in a delicate cocoon, creating a luxurious sensation of well-being. A sumptuous mattress that combines exceptional support, outstanding climate management and delicious softness for an unforgettable night’s sleep.

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Masterpiece Superb

Now featuring three layers of superbly responsive Vispring nested springs; a hand-teased filling of real Shetland Isle wool, European long stranded horsetail, cashmere, alpaca, bamboo & cotton; and five rows of side-stitching that will have taken six hours to sew by hand.

Learn more on Vispring website

Diamond Majesty

The most luxurious mattress in the collection, the Diamond Majesty was created using unrivalled expertise in mattress-making, with a unique combination of vanadium pocket springs and sumptuous fillings to provide the ultimate sleep experience.

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Headboard Choices

Deeply upholstered, in a range of contemporary and more traditional styles, they add a final element of refinement and luxury to every Vispring bed.

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