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A natural, luxurious Hästens mattress will provide deep, healthy and profound sleep. When you invest in a Hästens bed, it is unlike any other bedding purchase you will make in your life. It is an investment in yourself. Hästens has been a family business for six generations since 1852.  Expert craftsmen & women in Sweden proudly make each bed with ethically sourced, pure natural materials.


“Before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, before Graham Bell made his first phone call and before Henry Ford put the world on wheels, my great-great-grandfather founded Hästens.”

– Jan Ryde, fifth generation owner and Executive Chairman

Master craftsmen in front of the Hästens factory at the beginning of the 1900s. The factory owner David Janson on the far left is the grandson of Master Saddler Pehr Adolf Janson and the grandfather of the current owner Jan Ryde.

With handcrafted beds, each tailored to your needs and preferences, perfect sleep is woven into the seams of our signature check along with our spirit of excellence. Since the mid-19th century, when Pehr Adolf Janson received his Master Saddler certificate from the King of Sweden, we have carefully maintained our tradition of master craftsmanship, and have proudly handed it down to each new generation of bed manufacturers.

Every Hästens mattress is built with pride and with an obsession for quality by skilled craftsmen in Köping, Sweden. Always with our finest natural materials, an eye for detail and a passionate devotion to give our products soul. This passion, dedication and pride live on in today’s craftsmen in the same way as when saddles and harnesses were made by hand over 160 years ago.


What’s inside a Hästens bed?

Bed Models


We take all we know and all we have, and craft it into a bed that we proudly call perfect. Hästens refined 2000T is based on everything we have learned during our 166 years of pursuing the best sleep in the world: deep insights into the human body, unique material knowledge and five generations of craftsmanship. It contains a triple spring system, plus 31 layers of selected natural materials of the finest quality in the world – each one sophistically elaborate, right down to the smallest horsetail fiber. All so you can get the highest quality of sleep, night after night. And live as awake as you can be, day by day.

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Three carefully combined spring systems support your body and hold it in perfect balance – even when your partner turns over, or gets up to grab a midnight snack. The result? You’ll feel well-balanced when you wake up.  And all day long. (After all, Herlewing means “awakening” in Afrikaans.) On top, horsetail hair, wool and cotton are joined by hand in a unique layering technique by the world’s most skilled bedmakers. It provides a perfect blend of amazing softness and consistent pliability that will open up a new dimension of sleep comfort for you.

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In Hawaiian, “E-ala!” is a wake-up call. After your first night in a Hästens Eala, you will know the reason behind its name. You’ll feel fresh and pleasantly cool.  Like waking up after a mild summer night on a remote island. When our master craftsmen knead the finest horsetail hair, wool and cotton into perfectly balanced and pliable layers, they build something amazing: silent air conditioning.  Moisture is transported away from your body and fresh air circulates around it.  A completely natural way of creating the world’s best platform for waking up to an outstanding day. Every day.

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However you turn, you’ll always feel weightless, like being hugged by a cloud.  (A warm and dry and cozy one.) Maranga got its name from the Maori word for “wake up” and raises the bar for building the world’s most comfortable beds. Our master craftsmen spare no expense or effort – using only the finest natural materials, a groundbreaking bedding technique and meticulously placed side stitching for both stability and pliability. Because we want your bed to be as comfortable on the very first night as on the 9,125th.

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Hästens Adjustable has rich layers of breathable natural cotton, wool and horsehair spread over flax for static reduction and pliability. The movements of the bed are unhindered as a result and virtually silent in action.  It features two spring systems for a deep support that meets your body, holding it in alignment while sleeping but also giving a reliable hold for your body when in a more upright position. If you or your partner require different levels of support, Adjustable can be made bespoke to fit your requirements as a split mattress.

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Sweet Dreams!

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