Style Tips for Luxurious Bedrooms

Every year, the same trends return in a new format, but this year’s fashions are breaking new ground instead. Surrealist décor, concrete walls, and custom wall treatments have brought something new to the design table, and they’ll turn your bedroom into a dreamscape. Technology has even more to offer, bringing an entirely new level of luxury to your mattress.

Going Organic

Custom, organic textures combined with a minimalist edge put your walls and floors in the spotlight. That requires understated furnishings that support rather than dominate your bedroom. Few beds serve your love for all things natural than a handcrafted Vispring or organic Open mattress. High-tech beds must serve your comfort from all angles by contributing temperature control, wicking, and warmth all at once.

Industrial Concrete and Surrealism

Surrealism is easily the most inventive bedroom trend of the season. Housing your mattress in primary colors and bold shapes requires a minimalist mattress and uncluttered furnishings, which will be beautifully complimented by this season’s cement and industrial walls. Those block exterior walls, common in Phoenix and Scottsdale, can provide a backdrop for a modern, industrial look. If you prefer a more rustic aesthetic or classical elegance, you can still work with contrasting textures to achieve rich effects.

Layering and Texture

Bed layering outlasts passing fancies, primarily because few other design features give you as much seasonal power. It will adapt to every trend for a negligible outlay, and this year’s layers must be plush, cosy, and varied. A low bed design with a seamless base will adapt to your changing tastes constantly. This year, you can blend fur with chiffon without feeling guilty, so take advantage.

Your bedroom is the foundation of your dreams, so its aesthetic should be just as whimsical. Sleep determines your quality of life more than most lifestyle factors, so luxury isn’t optional. It’s a necessity.

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