Bed Layering in Hot Climates

Even as autumn arrives and daytime highs drop into the brisk 90s, achieving a fashionable bedroom without roasting yourself can be tricky in this region. If Arizona’s extreme climate and record-setting heat waves are interfering with your precious sleep, you should rethink your bedding. Covers are easy enough to choose—all you need is breathable fabrics and lightweight covers– but your mattress influences your comfort just as much, if not more.

Nature’s Bedding

Cotton is the obvious choice for for its cool, light qualities, but it’s best to stay away from that luxurious 500 thread count sheet. For once, choosing an economical option pays off in the form of better temperature management. Silk is equally breathable and comes with a luscious patina, but it lacks cotton’s moisture wicking qualities. As such, it’s best suited as a top layer during the hottest months. Linen breathes, but if your skin is sensitive, it can feel scratchy. You can create a superb moisture wicking combination by layering linen under cotton.

Most synthetic fabrics are unpleasantly hot. Viscose and polyester will trap your body heat and encourage perspiration. Even a meager 40% synthetic blend will create dampness, even in Arizona’s so-called dry heat.

Temperature Control Mattresses

You probably dedicate plenty of thought to your top layers, but what about your mattress? Most contain hot polyester batting and foam. You couldn’t design a hotter mattress if you tried.

Improve your sleep quality with a carefully designed temperature-regulating mattress. Natural, ethically sourced materials should be layered to wick moisture and create breathability. Of course, you can’t buy a mattress for every season, but one of the great achievements of most natural fabrics is their ability to create warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Fleece wool, cashmere, horsetail, and even bamboo will keep you dreaming pleasantly throughout the year.

Arizona’s seasonal highs and nighttime lows make bedding selections challenging, but Mother Nature solved the problem long ago. With natural temperature control fabrics, you can enjoy stylish bed layering without having to throw all the covers aside or run the AC on overdrive.

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