How to Get Healthier Sleep

In a world that’s constantly powered on, sticking to a regular sleep schedule is easier said than done. You might be checking your work e-mail at 9pm, reading articles on your smartphone in bed, or getting lost in a video game into the wee hours of the morning. These common habits are well worth breaking because of the health benefits of a regular sleep schedule.

Power Down Before Bed

The first step to healthy sleep is setting yourself a bedtime. Yes, you are a grown-up, and you will be allowed to break the rules. A friend’s wedding or a particularly busy time at work are good reasons to stay up late once in a while. A cliffhanger on an episode of your favorite Netflix series is not a good reason to stay up.

It’s not only the mental stimulation of engaging with a screen that keeps us awake, it’s the blue light emitted by the screens themselves. Blue light mimics sunlight just enough to confuse your natural sleep rhythms.

Give Your Body the Exercise It Needs

One of the health benefits of daily exercise: it helps wear you out. It gives your body a reason to recharge and recover – a task accomplished through sleep. Vigorous exercise should be done earlier in the day, since you don’t want your adrenaline pumping right before bed.

Turn the Lights Down Low

If you have bright computer screens or electronics with lights on them, turn them off or move them out of your bedroom. Use warm, dim lighting in your bedroom to signal it’s a place of rest. If you find yourself waking up at first light, install light-blocking curtains or blinds. Do something relaxing before bed that you can do in dim lighting.

Turn the Volume Down

Some people find white noise or soft music soothing, while others prefer silence. Distance yourself from sources of noise that disturbs your sleep. If your partner snores, make sure they check to see if it’s a symptom of a health problem such as sleep apnea. Healthier sleep can reduce snoring; in the mean time, you might try earplugs to block out noise.

Don’t Go To Bed Hungry

A light snack before bed can help you stay asleep through the night, if you find yourself waking up early and hungry. On the other hand, overeating before bed can cause indigestion, which will also keep you awake. Consider your personal eating habits and adapt them for a healthy bedtime.

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