Could Your Mattress Be Causing Snoring?

Approximately 20-30% of women and 40-50% of men snore. Many attribute it to a quirk some people just have or being a generally congested person. What is snoring, though? Why does it happen? Can you do something, like change your mattress, to reduce it?

Snoring Explained

Snoring is the vibration of your respiratory structure. It happens when air movement is obstructed during breathing. There are various methods to stop snoring:
• Abstaining from alcohol
• Hydration
• Weight loss
• Healthy sleeping patterns and habits
• Physically opening your nasal passages
• Changing your sleeping position
• Changing your pillows
The last suggestion hints at a method we’re going to cover–changing your mattress.

Spine and Neck Structure

The easier you can breathe through your airway, the better. If your neck isn’t being supported and your spine isn’t aligned, it’s going to be harder for air to navigate smoothly through your nasal passages. Your body naturally demands you intake breath to live, so it’ll do whatever it can to get air inside, no matter how rough and noisy. Your goal is to make this process as smooth as possible.

Bad Mattresses

Soft mattresses feel heavenly. But if they’re too soft, they offer no support for your neck and spine. Your torso ends up sinking much lower than your head, and your spine looks like a happy face. There’s nothing happy about snoring, though. Sleeping on an old mattress that no longer offers support creates the same problem. It makes it harder for air to pass in and out through a straight path.

Setting Your Mattress Straight

It’s important for those with snoring issues to sleep on mattresses that align with their spine. You don’t have to sleep on a rock, but sleeping on a firmer mattress may do wonders for your snoring. At Scottsdale Bedrooms, we’re passionate about a good night’s sleep. Our products vary from natural to luxury mattresses, and we import from all over the world. Say goodbye to snoring and contact us today.

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