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Welcome to the world of Hästens ownership.

“Your new Hästens bed is made with the finest quality all-natural materials. As such, they will require some care.  By improving its quality of life, your Hästens will improve yours for many years to come. Just follow these easy instructions to care for your bed, and your bed will care for you.”

Enjoying the bed of your dreams, for a long time to come, begins here.

PDF guide to Hästens care and maintenance:



Flip and rotate your topper:

Your topper can be flipped and rotated every couple of weeks or once a month, a good time to do this is when the sheets are off for washing.  This will help the natural materials in the topper to settle evenly.  Another technique to help the materials settle evenly and to help them refluff:  roll the topper up as tightly as possible and smack it with the flat of your hand as you are rolling it up.   With a king size topper, two people can do this starting at the foot end and rolling toward the head.  If you are by yourself, you can get the roll started from a corner.  Unroll the topper slowly, allowing the air to come back in.  Hold the end of the topper and wave it by moving your hands and arms up and down in a wave motion.


Flip and rotate your mattress: 

Hästens recommends flipping or rotating your mattress every six to twelve weeks.  “This ensures that a larger part of the sleeping surface is adjusting to your body and sleeping positions.”  This also helps the natural materials in your mattress settle evenly.  We usually recommend every three months, or each change of season, but you can do it more or less frequently depending on your preferences.

Important:  It takes at least two strong people to flip a king size mattress.  If you ever need help, please contact us so we can send someone out to help.


Steps for flipping your mattress:

  1. Important:  Remove any breakable items from the area before flipping, like lamps and other fragile items on nightstands, or artwork at the head of the bed.
  2. Slide the mattress about one quarter of its length away from the wall or headboard, and then rotate it clockwise for 90 degrees.
  3. Continue to slide the mattress towards the foot end of the divan until it is at least about half off the base.
  4. If you have sufficient room in your bedroom, lay a sheet on the floor and take the mattress completely off the base. Otherwise, keep the mattress on the divan.
  5. Lift the side of the mattress that is off the base until the mattress is resting on vertically on its other side.
  6. As gently as possible, allow the mattress to fall back onto the divan towards the head end.
  7. Then once again rotate the mattress clockwise for 90 degrees, and center it on the divan.

Flipping complete!


Rotating your mattress:

If you have a single tension Hästens, you can both flip and rotate your mattress.

If you and your partner have a dual tension mattress and like sleeping on the same side of the mattress each night (yes, like most couples we have our established side of the bed), then you will only want to flip your mattress.  You can rotate the mattress, but then you and your partner would need to switch sides until the next flip.

Here is a sample schedule for flipping and rotating your mattress; this schedule alternates rotating with flipping so that all parts of the mattress get used.

At 3 months, rotate your mattress 180 degrees.

At 6 months, flip your mattress.

At 9 months, rotate your mattress 180 degrees.

At 12 months, flip your mattress. After this step, you will have used all sides of the mattress and it will be returned to your day 1 position.

Keep a journal or makes notes on a piece of paper about the date of each rotation or flip and whether you rotated the mattress or flipped it.


Massaging the mattress:

From the care guide:

“Help your bed retain its comfort longer with periodic massages, best done before a turn or rotation.  Start by rolling your topper and setting it to the side.  Form your hands into fists and press down into the bed, moving your hands in an even pattern.  Start at the foot and work up the head until you’ve massaged the entire surface of the bed.”

This can also be done more or less frequently depending on your preferences.


Please contact us with any questions about your Hästens bed maintenance.   Here’s to great sleep!



“Since 1852, Hästens beds have been handcrafted in Sweden using genuine horsehair, cotton, flax, wool and Swedish pine – all natural materials which allow air to circulate.  Your new Hästens bed will allow you to indulge in extraordinary comfort and sleep in a healthy climate.”

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