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Spink & Edgar Angora 9000

Our goal at Scottsdale Bedrooms is to offer not only the best mattresses in the world to Valley residents, but also the best mattresses at a variety of price points, and this is why we are excited to bring Spink & Edgar beds to our showroom (more about Spink & Edgar later in the post).

Hästens from Sweden and Vispring from England are the best mattresses in the world. When you look at quality, comfort and longevity, these are the best. Hästens did a survey in their country and found there were thousands of families that had their beds over fifty years and dozens that had their beds over a hundred years. Vispring has done similar studies. They found two families that had their mattresses for 74 years and 49 years. Vispring opened up the mattresses and discovered they were both clean inside, comfortable and supportive.  Vispring and Hästens require a larger investment, however this investment pays off in the long run when you consider how well you will sleep and how long you will have the mattress.

Our other goal is to offer the best mattresses at a variety of price points. So if you wanted to spend less that what would require to get a Vispring or Hästens, what would be the best mattress you could get? This is where Spink & Edgar comes in, along with our other mattress lines, such as Aireloom, Berkeley Ergonomics and Dunlopillo, which are all excellent products for the amount of investment required. Spink & Edgar and Aireloom, although at a lower price point than Hästens and Vispring, could also be considered luxury mattresses. But what really defines a luxury mattress? That discussion merits a whole other blog to itself!

Spink & Edgar beds have been produced in England since 1885 and are now being produced here in America by Sherwood Bedding, right here at their factory in Phoenix. Similar to Hästens and Vispring, Spink & Edgar are natural beds that have a combination of pocketed springs and natural materials such as wool, cotton and cashmere.  Spink & Edgar beds also add a relatively new technology in the bed industry – microcoils. We will soon be adding more information to our website about the Spink & Edgar beds, until then please feel free to visit their website to learn more:

Doing research on the internet is a great way to start learning about your different options, and then it is good to visit a showroom and start trying the beds out.  What may be the best mattress for someone else may not be the best mattress for you.  Choosing a mattress is a very personal decision and you want to find what feels right to you.

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