Harrison Spinks Flipping & Rotating Guide

  The natural materials in a Harrison Spinks mattress such as wool and cotton complement the springs and follow the contours of your body. Body impressions are a result of these generous layers of quality filling materials reacting to your body shape.  Just like the impressions that form on the insoles of your favorite shoes, […]

Arizona’s Premier Luxury Mattress Store

Scottsdale Bedrooms is a family business and helping you sleep is our passion. Our showroom features an amazing collection of the world’s best mattresses. AIRELOOM Aireloom makes extremely comfortable, handsomely tailored mattresses. Their company has been based in California for over 75 years, and they are proud to do things the California way, with style […]

Labor Day Sales at Scottsdale Bedrooms

Scottsdale Bedrooms is a family business and helping you sleep is our passion.  Our showroom features an amazing collection of the world’s best mattresses.  We are offering a couple of excellent promotions for Labor Day.  Visit the product pages for more info.  We look forward to seeing you. AIRELOOM Aireloom makes extremely comfortable, handsomely tailored […]

Sleep Well, Be Well: Managing Stress in Uncertain Times

Hello friends, I hope you are all hanging in there during this crazy time in our country and world. We all have challenges in our lives, unique to ourselves and situations, which cause stress: chronic illness or disease, cancer, marital stress, difficulties at work, poor health or death of a loved one, or simply the […]

The New Karpen Collections by Aireloom

Airelooms’s new Karpen collections are named in the honor and memory of its founder, King Karpen, who started the Aireloom company in the early 1940s.  Although technically not a king, his name was appropriate, for he was the creator and king of what would become some of the world’s most exquisite luxury mattresses.  He planted […]

A Love Story to Arizona in the Summertime

I love our Arizona desert in the summer.  Sunsets, bats, monsoon storms, stars, planets, owls, nighthawks, swimming, dust storms, haboobs, rattlesnakes… there is so much here to love.  And this is the time when most people want to leave for the summer.  Vacations to escape the heat are a ton of fun, but all summer?  […]

Spotlight on Vispring

  Vispring (pronounced vy-spring) tops nearly every extravagant mattress list you can find. The business takes pride in its life-long dedicated employees who, over the years, have brought their own adult children to work alongside with them. How did this family-run company become one of the biggest names in luxury mattress brands? VI “Vi” in […]

Shopping for a new mattress? Here are some tips.

  Many people view shopping for a new mattress kind of like shopping for a new car:  the end product is great, but the process is dreaded.  Maybe you’ve done some research online and you’re ready to start trying mattresses, but just can’t get motivated to begin.  Here are some tips to prepare you for […]

Every good day starts out with a great night’s sleep

Along with exercise and diet, sleep is one of the foundations of a healthy life.  Consider making sleep a priority in your life and investing in a good quality mattress.  It’s not being selfish, the world needs you – not a wired and tired version of you, but a well-rested, refreshed and best you possible.   Here is […]

How to Get Better Sleep

Over 30% of the global population suffers from insomnia at some time in their lives. The sleepless nights often result from conveniences you might not suspect of keeping you up at night. Light pollution, chaotic work schedules, and even air conditioning can destroy the body’s circadian rhythms, resulting in poor sleep quality or complete sleeplessness. The […]