Cruelty-Free Animal Products in Mattresses

A cruelty-free existence is not always easy to achieve, but it needn’t involve eliminating animal-sourced products entirely. If you’re hunting for a bed, this becomes even more relevant because Mother Nature is better at comfort than mankind will ever be. If you’re searching for the kind of luxury that does no harm, Vispring is the pioneer for you. Handcrafted, breathable, and temperature controlled materials are layered precisely to bring you unparalleled extravagance, and our animals live equally well.

Shetland Wool

Fleece wool should only be produced using a cruelty-free, traditional approach to shearing. 90% of the world’s wool comes from poorly managed shearing sheds in Australia and the U.S., so Vispring chooses the famous Shetland Isles and Devonshire, both for their quality wool and their compassionate farming practices. Wool is naturally resistant to bacteria, insulates effectively, and keeps you cool in hot weather, so it forms one of the top layers of your Vispring mattress.


Strong, hand twisted horsetail recovers its shape as soon as you roll out of bed. It adds to the springs in your mattress, too, giving your bed plenty of extra bounce.

Mohair and Cashmere

There are few materials quite as durable and soft as mohair. It keeps you cozy in the winter and wicks away moisture in the summer. Humane harvesting techniques involve brushing and shearing from goats to achieve a long lasting, animal-friendly fabric.

Cotton and Silk

Few natural fibers breathe quite as well as Turkish cotton, which adds to the wicking properties of your bed. Silk remains the strongest natural fiber, so it’s used to add a smooth, luscious texture to your mattress.

Vispring sources materials from family farms that take their values as seriously as we take your comfort, letting you sleep unimpeded by a heavy conscience. To learn more about luxurious Vispring mattresses, explore our product pages or contact us. Visit our showroom to try different brands and see which is right for you.

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