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Scottsdale Bedrooms is a family business and our goal is simple – to help you sleep better.  Our specialties are luxury beds, luxury mattresses and natural mattresses.  We carry not only the best mattresses in the world, but also the best mattresses that we have been able to find at a variety of price points that most everyone can afford.  Our store is a peaceful, relaxing environment where you can enjoy trying the mattresses.  We want to create a unique shopping experience where you will not feel pressured or rushed to make a decision.  In fact, the more time you can spend trying the mattresses the better, even if that means taking multiple trips to the store.  This is an important decision.  You will spend eight hours a day, or a third of your life sleeping in your bed.  And how you sleep will affect the quality of your waking hours.  It will affect your moods, your relationships, your productivity at work, your health & general well-being.   So although we aim not to take ourselves seriously, we take our jobs seriously.  Because helping you is our mission and you are worth it.

How we got to where we are:

Our store began over 20 years ago as a furniture store.  We enjoyed selling furniture, but we enjoy selling mattress so much more.   Furniture, when chosen well, enriches your living spaces and therefore enriches your life, but not nearly as much as a good quality mattress.  We were first introduced to mattresses in 2010 by Vispring, an English brand made since 1901.  The testimonials we received from our customers were outstanding and that is what began our decision to focus on beds and mattresses and become a “mattress store.”

Not a selfish luxury…

The nice thing about a luxury mattress is that it is not a selfish luxury.  Many of the luxury consumer products in the world have valuable, necessary functions (think purses, watches, cars, appliances etc.), but most of these do not have the far-reaching implications and benefits of having a quality mattress and getting eight hours of quality sleep every night.  By helping you improve your quality of sleep and quality of life, we are helping everyone around you as well.   Because your mood and your well-being affects all people in your circle of influence.  When you are well rested, think of how this will positively affect your relationships – with your spouse, your children, your friends, your co-workers, etc!  Your improved energy and focus will improve your productivity at work, your energy level to volunteer and do service work; your energy level to exercise and do all the things you enjoy, or even make love with your partner.  Like good exercise and nutrition, quality sleep is essential.   So selling mattresses is something we feel pretty good about.

Mission statement:

To help our customers sleep better by guiding them in choosing the right mattress – comfortable, supportive and at a price they can afford.  To offer excellent, personal customer service before, during and after the sale.  To maintain our showroom to be a clean, pleasant environment for our customers.  To maintain a website that is informative, educational as well as an honest and accurate representation of us, our store and our products.  To treat the people with whom we work (customers, suppliers/vendors, delivery & shipping personnel, etc) with courtesy, love, respect, patience and kindness and to treat ourselves and each other with the same values.   To listen more than we speak.   To become an important, valuable part of our community and find ways to give back to our community.   Most of all, to be thankful for you, our customers.

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