How to Clean Mattresses With Natural Products

Poorly maintained mattresses often harbor dust mites, allergens, and corrosive dust. While a mattress cover is an important prevention tool, bedding requires regular gentle cleaning.

Organic Wool  and Cotton

Delicate materials demand delicate cleaning products. Spot cleaning with vinegar and baking soda should remove marks without corroding your mattress. Alternatively, rub a mild boric acid solution onto the stain and vacuum it away after 10 minutes. To prevent water marks, start blotting on the outside of the mark and move inward.

Pet stains that leave odors need an enzymatic cleaner that acts as a natural deodorizer, digesting all organic stains.

Memory Foam

Memory foam requires a natural fabric cleaner because commercial products tend to contain chemicals that will ruin the foam’s interior. A mild vinegar solution should do the trick, but stay away from hot fluids and blow dryer settings.

Horse Hair

Horsehair offers enough air circulation to prevent dust mites and mold, but this kind of mattress still needs some care. Vacuum it often and clean spots with organic soap.

Protein Stains

A thick salt and water paste left on a stain for 30 minutes will remove mild odors and marks. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent natural disinfectant, but commercial versions tend to contain chemicals that break the peroxide down. It’s best to prepare your own 3% solution. Before use, test it on an inconspicuous part of your mattress to ensure color fastness.



Steam Cleaning: No!

It’s tempting to have an old mattress steam cleaned, but memory foam and wool should never be cleaned this way because it leaves corrosive moisture behind.

General Mattress Cleaning Tips

To air out your mattress, remove the covers (including the liner) and open your bedroom windows for a day. This should be done twice per year.

As with most furniture, preventing stains is the most efficient cleaning strategy. Use a mattress liner, regularly wash sheets, and clean spills immediately.

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