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Vispring Beds Flipping & Rotating Guide

  The natural materials such as wool, cotton and horsehair in a Vispring mattress are designed to complement the springs and follow the contours of your body.  These fillings will settle over time to adapt to your body shape.  You can help the fillings settle evenly by regularly rotating and flipping your mattress.  We usually […]

Spotlight on Spink & Edgar

NEWS:  All Spink & Edgar floor models at Scottsdale Bedrooms are on sale for 50% off! Spink & Edgar is a fascinating bedmaker. Their award-winning mattresses begin their life in Yorkshire and are made right here in Phoenix. So, what makes this company so unique and interesting? History In 1885, bedmaker Arthur Spink teamed up […]

How to Clean Mattresses With Natural Products

Poorly maintained mattresses often harbor dust mites, allergens, and corrosive dust. While a mattress cover is an important prevention tool, bedding requires regular gentle cleaning. Organic Wool  and Cotton Delicate materials demand delicate cleaning products. Spot cleaning with vinegar and baking soda should remove marks without corroding your mattress. Alternatively, rub a mild boric acid […]