Shopping for a new mattress? Here are some tips.

Scottsdale Bedrooms has been a family business in the home furnishings industry for more than twenty years. Our focus is beds and mattresses, the special place we go for a third of our life to sleep, dream and recharge ourselves for a life of health and happiness.  Our showroom is a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere where you can enjoy trying the mattresses.  Along with superb products, you’ll find excellent, personal customer service.  Whatever your budget or preferences might be, we look forward to helping you find the right mattress!

Here are a few tips so you can make the most of your visit.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.  

Think about what clothes you have that would be most similar to a set of comfy pajamas.  Sweat pants and sweatshirt?  Perfect!  Summertime?  Wear shorts!  You don’t have to “dress up” to come to our store.  For your comfort, it’s best if you don’t.   Try to avoid wearing a belt, or if you do, feel free to take it off while at the store.

Wear shoes that are easy to put on or take off.

Once you narrow your choices down to a few favorites, you’ll want to spend more time on each one without your shoes on.

Come to the store soon after eating.

If you are getting hungry and your tummy begins to rumble you won’t be able to relax and enjoy the beds.  With some food in your stomach, you’ll be more content and relaxed.  You can even take a nap if you’d like.  When someone falls asleep on our beds, that is the greatest compliment!

Try a variety of different kinds of mattresses.

Narrow it down to your few favorites and then spend more time on each of those.  Be sure to try your favorites in all the positions that you normally sleep in – side, back, etc.

Do you prefer soft or firm, or a nice balance of support and softness?

If you are primarily a side sleeper, you’ll want a bed that is soft enough to contour to your body so you don’t feel pressure points at your shoulders or hips, while at the same time providing enough support so you are not sinking into the bed.  If you are primarily a back sleeper, you will need plenty of support to keep your body level, yet enough softness so the mattress can fill in the arch of your back.

Get the largest bed your room can accommodate.

If you sleep with a partner, a large bed will increase the area you have to move around at night while minimizing the disturbances to your partner.  King size is ideal is you have room for one.

Think about what is important to you in a mattress.

What have you liked or disliked about the mattresses you’ve had?  Why are you looking for a new mattress (Is your current mattress getting old or is it just not comfortable anymore)?  Do you wake up during the night or in the morning with any aches/pains?  Would you like natural materials in your mattress?  Are you a hot sleeper, i.e. do you sweat a lot at night?  Do you have any physical or medical conditions that would influence your decision?

Consider an adjustable base for either lifestyle or medical reasons.

If you have sleep apnea, acid reflux, or snore at night, you could benefit from an adjustable base that lifts up the top part of your body.   Many people with back pain find sleeping (or sitting) in a zero gravity position comfortable.

Finally, be flexible and open minded about what you can accomplish during your time at the store.

If you are limited on time, try to narrow it down to a few favorites, and then plan on returning to the store to try your favorites again.  We will certainly not rush or pressure you during this process.  When you think about spending a third of your life sleeping (time well spent by the way), it is worth investing some time upfront to be sure you are getting the best mattress for you, so you can experience deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Happy Shopping and Sleep Well!

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