Spotlight on Vispring


Vispring (pronounced vy-spring) tops nearly every extravagant mattress list you can find. The business takes pride in its life-long dedicated employees who, over the years, have brought their own adult children to work alongside with them. How did this family-run company become one of the biggest names in luxury mattress brands?


“Vi” in Vispring stands for the Roman numeral six. It represents the six turns in each coil, which has been the company’s trademark. The brand was founded in 1901, in Plymouth, England and gained notability by becoming the first English bedmaker to utilize James Marshall’s pocketed spring coils, now known as the Marshal coil. Mattresses that used these coils became synonymous with luxury beds. They still are.

Historical Impact

Vispring mattresses are interwoven in small pockets of British history. They filled the first-class cabins of the Queen Mary and Titanic. In 1981, Vispring created the first split-tension mattress for Prince Charles and Lady Diana when the royal couple were expecting Prince William.

Coincidentally, the Marshall coil was invented for a very special woman—James Marshall’s wife.


Vispring mattresses are still tailor-made to order from our friends across the pond. Their revolutionary design uses individually pocketed springs to offer independent cushioning and support. Mattresses are created from the finest materials: cotton, British wool, horsehair, alpaca fleece, mohair, vicuna, coir, bamboo, cashmere, and silk. They are adamantly against the use of chemicals, foam, or glue in their manufacturing process.

Every part of their intricate technique is completed by hand, from nesting the springs in honeycomb patterns to side-stitching and tufting the mattresses. Combined, these elements allow for better circulation of the mattress, making the beds cleaner and fresher than other brands.


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