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Aireloom makes extremely comfortable, handsomely tailored mattresses. Their company has been based in California for over 75 years, and they are proud to do things the California way, with style and comfort hand in hand. There are many options ranging from soft to firm to fit your needs and preferences, and to help you find that crucial balance of support and softness.

Fun facts:

    1. Some of the first to discover Aireloom were Hollywood stars such as John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth and Ronald & Nancy Reagan. Ron & Nancy loved their Aireloom so much that Nancy insisted all the rooms of the White House be furnished with Aireloom mattresses.  The press made a fuss about the expense, but, of course, Nancy got her way.
    2. Aireloom was founded 80 years ago by King Karpen, who grew up in the mattress industry and was the third generation in his family to learn the trade. By 1950, he had lost most of his sight, but he had such an intimate knowledge of the machinery in his factory that he could feel a broken part with his hands and know how it needed to be repaired.

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Regal Superb mattress

Vispring mattresses from England have been handmade by skilled craftsmen since 1901. These beds feature one, two or three layers of individually pocketed springs, surrounded on both sides with sumptuous layers of cotton, wool, horsetail and other luxurious ingredients such as silk, cashmere and alpaca.

Fun facts:

      1. Vispring mattresses have long been a favorite of the British royal family. Vispring built its first split tension mattress for Prince Charles and Lady Diana when Diana was pregnant with Prince William.  Medium tension for him, and a softer tension, naturally, for her.   When William married Kate, the historic Goring hotel purchased eight Vispring mattresses as part of a major renovation to host the Middleton family.
      2. Vispring were the bed of choice during the golden age of luxury ocean liners, gracing the first class cabins of ships such as the Lusitania and Mauretania from the Cunard Line and the Titanic and its sister ship Olympic from the White Star line. The Mauretania held the record for fastest Atlantic crossing for 22 years and fictionalized accounts of the Titanic voyage, such as the movie, have claimed the Titanic was trying to break that record.

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The Hästens family business in Sweden has been around a long time – since 1852! These beautiful and dreamy beds are handmade by skilled craftsmen and women who have passed down their skills from generation to generation. Similar to Vispring, these beds are filled with expert combinations of pocketed springs, wool, cotton and horsetail. They also feature a cloud-like topper and an amazing line of bedding accessories to complete your bed.

Fun facts:

        1. The founder of Hästens, Pehr Janson, was a master saddlemaker by trade and the word hästen means horse in Swedish. Horsehair was the chief ingredient of a good saddle, providing the rider with cushion, resilience and breathability, all the properties that make it the ideal filling for Hästens beds as well.
        2. Fourth generation owner Jack Ryde introduced the iconic blue and white check at a furniture trade fair in 1978. It was a disaster, going against the brown, orange and green decorating trends of the time.  Under pressure to change the design, Jack “stuck to his guns” and the rest is history.

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