Harrison Spinks Flipping & Rotating Guide


The natural materials in a Harrison Spinks mattress such as wool and cotton complement the springs and follow the contours of your body. Body impressions are a result of these generous layers of quality filling materials reacting to your body shape.  Just like the impressions that form on the insoles of your favorite shoes, this is simply your mattress “getting to know you”.

Harrison Spinks recommends regularly flipping and rotating the mattress to minimize body impressions.  We usually recommend every three months, or each change of season, but you can do it more or less frequently depending on your preferences.

Important:  It takes at least two strong people to flip a king size mattress.  If you ever need help, please contact us so we can send someone out to help.

Steps for flipping your mattress:

  1. Important:  Remove any breakable items from the area before flipping, like lamps and other fragile items on nightstands, or artwork at the head of the bed.
  2. Slide the mattress about one quarter of its length away from the wall or headboard, and then rotate it clockwise for 90 degrees.
  3. Continue to slide the mattress towards the foot end of the divan until it is at least about half off the base.
  4. If you have sufficient room in your bedroom, lay a sheet on the floor and take the mattress completely off the base. Otherwise, keep the mattress on the divan.
  5. Lift the side of the mattress that is off the base until the mattress is resting vertically on its other side.
  6. As gently as possible, allow the mattress to fall back onto the divan towards the head end.
  7. Then once again rotate the mattress clockwise for 90 degrees and center it on the divan.
  8. flipping complete!

Rotating your mattress:

Here is a sample schedule for flipping and rotating your mattress; this schedule alternates rotating with flipping so that all parts of the mattress get used.

At 3 months, rotate your mattress 180 degrees.

At 6 months, flip your mattress.

At 9 months, rotate your mattress 180 degrees.

At 12 months, flip your mattress. After this step, you will have used all sides of the mattress and it will be returned to your day 1 position.

Keep a journal or make notes on a piece of paper about the date of each rotation or flip and whether you rotated the mattress or flipped it.


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