Greetings from Sweden

Kay and I just returned from a trip to Sweden to visit the Hästens bed factory in Köping.  Our nonstop flight from LA to Stockholm took us north, up over Canada, across Greenland to Norway and then to Stockholm.  We knew there was something special about Sweden the moment we walked off the airplane and were greeted by wood floors in the airport.  Our first day was spent exploring Stockholm, a good way to work out some of the jet lag before our training began.  Sweden is celebrating midsummer and are in their peak of daylight hours, with sunrise before 4 am and sunset just after 10 pm.

After an enjoyable summer day in Stockholm, we took train and bus rides to Köping, the charming small town where the Hästens factory is located.   Our group for training and the factory visit were from all over the world:   California, Michigan, New York, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Spain and Sweden.  It was a special experience to be part of an international group, all coming together as part of the Hästens family with a common goal, to learn more about Hästens and become ambassadors for the company and brand with the ultimate goal of helping people get the best sleep possible.

Hästens is a sixth generation family business whose roots go all the way back to 1852, when founder Per Adolf Janson was both a saddle maker and an upholsterer.  Per Adolf’s mother passed away in 1839 when he was a young boy.  Poverty reigned in Sweden in the 1800s, and about a third of the population emigrated to the United States in hope of a better future.  Per Adolf’s father decided to stay in Sweden and had these words of advice for his children:  “If you become better than I, if you master a profession of your own choice, one that will let you make the things that people need, then you will always be able to provide for your loved ones.”   Young Per Adolf took these words of advice to heart and on March 22, 1852 was awarded his master saddler certificate by the king of Sweden.  “Be better than I.”  This spirit of excellence has been passed down to each subsequent generation of the Hästens family and has also become part of the values of the craftsmen and women who work in the factory.

During our visit to the factory, we could see the pride that the craftsmen and women take in each and every bed that is produced.  Workers often rotate to different parts of the factory so they get the full experience of how each bed is made and produced.  In the smiles on their faces, their gracious hospitality, the ways they shared and explained their jobs, we could tell they both enjoy and take pride in their work.  With Hästens, what makes the product special, is not just the product itself, but the passion, commitment and hard work of the people who produce it.

We left the factory feeling that the Hästens family is warm, inviting and welcoming.   All the workers at the factory and employees around the world are part of the Hästens family.  We, as a new dealer, are invited into the Hästens family.   All the consumers around the world that are fortunate enough to sleep in a Hästens bed are part of the Hästens family.  Would you like to be a part of this family too?   Learn more about Hästens on our website:

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