Sleep Well, Be Well: Managing Stress in Uncertain Times

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Hello friends,

I hope you are all hanging in there during this crazy time in our country and world. We all have challenges in our lives, unique to ourselves and situations, which cause stress: chronic illness or disease, cancer, marital stress, difficulties at work, poor health or death of a loved one, or simply the inevitable, miscellaneous health challenges that come with getting older. The current COVID-19 crisis has added a whole new layer of stress on top of everything that existed in our lives during the pre-pandemic days. If you were already at the edge of what you could handle, the pandemic has just pushed you over that edge. It is ironic that one of the biggest dangers to our society right now is something we can’t even see, and it can be easy to feel out of control right now. And the more things seem to spiral out of control, the more energy we exert to try to regain that sense of control. Another stress to add to all the rest: the desire and need to be in control. Given a choice, we would take life in a box, nice and neat and under our control.

The well-known Serenity Prayer by American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr is especially relevant at this time:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Through prayer and thoughtful meditation, we can seek and ask for the wisdom to know what we can change or control in our lives and the world around us. There is a wonderful opportunity in this moment to draw nearer to God, embrace the unknown, and focus our energy on things we can control.

Fortunately, we know there are three things crucial to our health and well-being for which we DO have much control: a healthy diet, exercise and sleep. We have the power to decide what we will eat or drink, how or when to exercise, when to go to sleep and wake up, and what we choose to sleep on. Our focus at Scottsdale Bedrooms is to help you sleep better. It is especially important during this time to get lots of good quality sleep to maintain your health and keep your immune system strong. Sleep is also critical for resilience and stress management. A well-rested mind is better able to cope with the challenges that pop up each day and makes a world of difference in how we respond to stressful situations. There are some excellent comparisons out there likening the current pandemic to running a marathon. This is a long, difficult race, and even though we may have never run one before, we are in the midst of it, training and learning as we go, and we need all the tools in our belt to finish the race, including sleep.

And it’s not only quantity of sleep that matters, but also and especially the quality of that sleep. For those of us here in Arizona, it’s been a very long five months since the pandemic started. Between the stay at home order in the spring, and the record-breaking heat of this summer, we’ve had a lot of time to spend at home, and a lot of this time to sleep. So we are probably intimately aware of the merits or shortcomings of our mattresses. Are they too soft, or too hard? Do they breathe well in the summer heat? Do you wake up feeling refreshed, or sore? We can help. Our showroom features an amazing collection of the world’s best mattresses, including all-natural mattresses from Hästens and Vispring. Our store is a peaceful, quiet destination where you can relax, feel safe and enjoy trying out the beds. Below is a snapshot of each brand and links you can follow to learn more.

We sincerely wish all of you a safe, healthy and joyful year. Whatever you may be struggling or challenged with, hang in there! We are all running this marathon together and are here to support and help each other.


Aireloom makes extremely comfortable, handsomely tailored mattresses. Their company has been based in California for over 75 years, and they are proud to do things the California way, with style and comfort hand in hand. There are many options ranging from soft to firm to fit your needs and preferences, and to help you find that crucial balance of support and softness. Aireloom mattresses are a great value and affordable option.  Aireloom Labor Day Sale:  From now to September 14, get 15% off an Aireloom mattress plus a free boxspring base.  Click here to learn more about Aireloom.


Regal Superb mattress

Vispring mattresses from England have been handmade by skilled craftsmen since 1901. These beds feature one, two or three layers of individually pocketed springs, surrounded on both sides with sumptuous layers of cotton, wool, horsetail and other luxurious ingredients such as silk, cashmere and alpaca. Vispring beds are built to last and require a larger investment. You can flip and rotate these beds, and they are guaranteed for 30 years!  From now thru September 14, get 25% off the Vispring Luxe collection, which includes the Tiara, Sublime, Signatory, Masterpiece and Diamond Majesty!  Click here to learn more about Vispring.


The Hästens family business in Sweden has been around a long time – since 1852! These beautiful and dreamy beds are handmade by skilled craftsmen and women who have passed down their skills from generation to generation. Similar to Vispring, these beds are filled with expert combinations of pocketed springs, wool, cotton and horsetail. They also feature a cloud like top mattress, or topper, and an amazing line of accessories such as pillowcases and sheets, pillows, duvets and covers, and mattress protectors to complete your bed.  Click here to learn more about Hästens.


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